Edgar Barrera

When we say we have a family oriented culture here at Beef Northwest, we mean it! #WhoYourBeefComesFromSeries
Meet Edgar Barrera, he is a 2nd generation BNW employee, son of our Assistant Manager Min Barrera. Edgar joined our #bnwcattlecrew as a feed mill employee 8 months ago. Even though he is a new employee, he’s been a familiar face around the yard for years. He said as a kid he would look forward to when his Dad would let him ride along while he checked on cattle. Edgar was born and raised in Boardman, and when he’s not at work his hobbies are working on cars, fishing and BBQing on Sundays with his family.

Family is very important to Edgar, and spending time with his Dad while at work, is one of his favorite part of the job because he is able to watch and learn from him. Most days he starts the mill up around 4:00 am to get things ready for first feeding. As part of the feed mill crew, Edgar does commodity management, equipment maintenance, and quality control for all the products we put into our cattle’s rations. He takes pride in the fact that he plays a key role in feeding the cattle here on the yard. He said it’s hard work, but it makes you feel accomplished to produce quality beef that feeds families all over Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. His future goals are mastering the mill, and then following in his fathers footsteps by taking on more responsibility and growing as a leader on the yard.

For those wanting to know Who Your Beef Comes From – it comes from hard working people like Edgar and Min here at Beef Northwest.

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