Quality Feed, Consistent Timing, Exceptional Care

Feedlot culture

The right feed, to the right pen, in the right amount, at the right time and in the right way

We take pride in feeding high quality feed and providing exceptional animal handling and husbandry throughout the entire time that an animal is in our care. We strive for the best environment for the cattle we are feeding including pen cleanliness, pen grading, bunk size and beyond. It is our goal to produce the highest quality beef possible with efficiency and accuracy. Better beef is made by better people. Our staff is highly trained in animal handling and understands the importance of “better than the best” animal care. 


Five r's of feeding

Feeding cattle takes consistency and continuous management. Here at Beef Northwest, we believe in the Five R’s of feeding developed by Dr. Abe Turgeon, Consulting Nutritionist:

The Right Feed

To the Right Pen

In the Right Amount

At the Right Time

In the Right Way.

Animal Handling & Animal Husbandry

Across all of our yards and locations we value good animal husbandry and quiet, stress free animal handling. We believe that the way we handle the cattle from start to finish in pens makes a huge difference in the outcomes in cattle health and the quality of the end product. All of our employees are trained in the five R’s, and are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified. They also receive continuous annual training on animal handling and husbandry that is verified through the Progressive Beef program.

Technology & Feeding

Beef Northwest believes wholeheartedly in innovation and integration of technology to improve better animal care and outcomes for feeding customers. We use technology to monitor individual animal health records, feeding records, pen conditions and weight gain. We can use these tracking systems and associated analytics to better our in house practices and to help ranchers produce better calves based on their performance in feedyard programs.

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We put everything we are into these cattle; all of us, from the office to the horseback. We care a lot about them and they definitely come first.
— Beef Northwest