The quality of beef we produce is
directly related to the quality of our people.


Our employees become our family. Our like minded team has a love for agriculture, progressive animal husbandry and hard work. From administrative positions, to pen riders, to feed callers and everyone in between, our commitment to our employees is unmatched. Become part of the Beef Northwest Feeders family!


Beef Northwest has feeding opportunities for both commercial cattle entering conventional feeding programs as well as specialty feeding programs including GAP 4 and pasture feeding requirements. Regardless of the program, we are committed to high quality feed and low stress environments building healthy animals and healthy products.

Our Commitment

Our success rests on five guiding principles:

 Hard work, good animal handling, and cowboy ethics are ingrained in our company culture. We are committed to our people and consider every employee a part of the family. Our team is composed of the best people in all of agriculture. We want each of them to challenge themselves, to grow personally and professionally, and we work hard at providing them with a safe and productive environment in which to excel. Working together, we produce high-quality, safe and nutritious beef for our friends and neighbors across America and around the globe. Beef Northwest Feeders believes in rural America and recognizes our local and agricultural communities are essential partners. Unfortunately, as America has urbanized and as political policy and focus have shifted to urban areas, many rural communities have been left behind and suffered tremendously. We are true partners to many of the organizations in our communities that are trying to fill the void. We specifically focus on under – privileged and local youth. We are regular supporters of youth educational organizations, school lunch programs, 4H and FFA to name a few. We stand by our local businesses to help strengthen the local economy and local families in our rural communities. 

Beef Northwest recognizes that our industry depends on the sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources. Our future depends on the regenerative stewardship of land, water and air. We understand that consumers depend on us to protect the environment and we embrace conservation and regenerative practices as a way of producing healthy and nutritious food products.

Ranches owned by Beef Northwest on the Zumwalt Prairie in Northeast Oregon were among the first to partner with The Nature Conservancy and Climate Trust to place thousands of acres into Conservation Easements. This program will protect one of North America’s largest original and undisturbed prairies from any future development while still allowing judicious and responsible grazing by cattle. We have many other partnerships in projects with organizations such as NRCS, Sustainable Northwest, Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever that we love to talk about and showcase.

Providing the best for the cattle in our care is the main focus in everything we do. Through verified animal husbandry programs and practices like Progressive Beef and Beef Quality Assurance, our employees are trained in the best techniques to take care of these animals. Beef Northwest was the first feedlot in the nation to be certified under the third-party auditing standards of Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.). One of our partners was a founding G.A.P. board member and has served for over 10 years helping the organization develop and implement animal welfare standards for multiple species. Every new employee at Beef Northwest goes through a rigorous animal welfare training and we routinely bring animal behaviorists to our facilities to put on refresher courses for all of our animal handlers.

Ultimately, feeding cattle is a business, and we invest heavily in ensuring our partners and customers achieve profitable results from feeding cattle with us. Beef Northwest customizes partnerships to fit the ranch with dozens of western ranchers. We focus on partners and suppliers that have produced cattle with the highest quality genetics. We have negotiated packing house grids that prioritize quality carcasses and offer substantial premiums for choice and prime. We are proud that our average returns for cattle from our yards are substantially higher than the USDA 5-state averages.

We offer a wide array of financing, marketing and risk management services and combine these services with top-flight expertise on our team. We work with a wide array of customers, from small family ranches to large investors, and we’re committed equally to the success of both.

Technology, animal handling and animal husbandry are the keys to producing healthy food for our communities, neighbors, friends and world. Beef Northwest Feeders is an industry leader in using progressive technology to provide beef you trust to feed your family. Every animal that goes through the Beef Northwest system carries an individual electronic ID tag that allows us to monitor the individual animal from start to finish. We track individual health, gains, consumption, and finish quality in order to sort, then harvest every animal at exactly the right time.


It all starts with our people.

What began in the 1870’s with Wilson Cattle Company, Beef Northwest developed into a people focused company where together we care for cattle and produce healthy beef for consumers while supporting our customers and playing a role in economic sustainability in agriculture.

Beef Northwest Feeders
We are a very intense, high-functioning, technologically advanced company feeding a hungry world.
— Pete szasz, Beef Northwest