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Beef Northwest is a diversified agribusiness with cattle feeding operations in Nyssa and Boardman, Oregon, and Quincy, Washington.

With a one-time capacity of 95,000 head, Beef Northwest is the Northwest’s largest supplier of quality cattle to Tyson in Wallula, Washington, and naturally raised cattle to AB Foods, in Toppenish.

Committed to the economic and environmental sustainability of the communities it serves, Beef Northwest traces its roots to the 1800s, when the Wilson family first raised cattle on Oregon’s productive rangelands.

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Corn planting smashes ’14 pace

Thanks to a break in the weather, farmers across the Corn Belt were able to skyrocket past the halfway mark for corn planting.

Cattle transitioning to wheat require acclimation period

One scenario that producers may be faced with in cool-season stocker cattle production is whether or not to continue grazing with a set of cattle through graze-out or to sell these cattle and replace them with lighter calves. An observation that has been made when turning cattle out on lush wheat pastures is that a transition occurs in which cattle may only maintain or even lose weight for a period of time.

From the board room: A focus on forage

Earlier in 2015, Drovers CattleNetwork introduced its first advisory board comprised of leaders from different segments of the industry and different regions across the country. The board will be called upon from time to time to provide input on the magazine, but more importantly, they’ll be sharing their insight on various subjects with our readers.The April issue of the magazine was focused on forage management so we asked our board members how they maximize forage resources available in their area to best meet their cattle’s needs. Here’s what they had to say.

American farmers as peasants – really?

In his recent declaration of war on my farm and thousands like it, and yes, those were his words, The New York Times recipe-trader-in-chief and food columnist Mark Bittman contrasted the kind of “industrial” agriculture practiced in the U.S. with peasant agriculture in the rest of the world, and found the kind of farming we do wanting.

BeefTalk: Prepare for the unexpected, live the expected

Spring showers should bring spring flowers and it will. However, the concern for moisture always is present and foremost in most producer discussions. We anticipate rain but that does not mean it will.

Russia looks set to extend import ban on Western food

Russia looks likely to extend a ban on Western food imports beyond an Aug. 7 deadline, with a lack of incentive to lift its embargo due to the prospect of extended European sanctions.

Under the Hat: Jack of trades

Keep up with the beef industry newsbeat, and chances are you’ve seen Glenn Selk’s name pop up a time or two. He’s this week’s Under the Hat subject, sharing stories about the best steak he’s ever had and that one time he pulled a calf in his three-piece Easter suit.

Feral hogs present disease risk for livestock and people

Feral hogs can carry numerous diseases of importance to commercial livestock producers and human health. As the nation's feral hog population increases, so does the rate of exposure to infected hogs and potential for disease transmission.

Drug use guidelines for bovine practice available from AABP

Guidelines offer information to assist veterinarians in proper drug use on beef and dairy operations.

I am a Drover: A lifetime of giving back

Meet Jo Ann Smith. The Florida cattlewoman’s solid structure of living to serve has led to a lifetime of dedication to the industry she loves.

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