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Beef Northwest is a diversified agribusiness with cattle feeding operations in Nyssa and Boardman, Oregon, and Quincy, Washington.

With a one-time capacity of 95,000 head, Beef Northwest is the Northwest’s largest supplier of quality cattle to Tyson in Wallula, Washington, and naturally raised cattle to AB Foods, in Toppenish.

Committed to the economic and environmental sustainability of the communities it serves, Beef Northwest traces its roots to the 1800s, when the Wilson family first raised cattle on Oregon’s productive rangelands.

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Ag lenders expect lower land prices, higher interest rates going forward

It’s not a matter of if but rather when with regard to increasing interest rates, according to the latest survey of agricultural lenders conducted by Kansas State University’s Department of Agricultural Economics.

Meat of the Matter: From sweet to savory

One of America’s premier candy companies has made a move into the meat snacks category. Is candy on the downslide, or are meat snacks on the rise? You be the judge.

There are a few iconic American brands with near-universal name recognition, a well-known backstory and a stockpile of positive imagery among consumer.

Meat of the Matter: Hitting rock bottom

An alternative media columnist builds an argument that exposes the core beliefs of the veggies and vegans who hate the industry. And he concludes with the ultimate, crushing insult.

I love vegans.

As a columnist, that is.

Vegans are so pure, so righteous that no matter what any producer, ranchers, packer, processors or restaurateur does to foster humane treatment of livestock, or sustainability in production, or maybe just building social consciousness around an issue that might positively affect society. It’s never good enough.

Court OKs release of CAFO information

A federal judge in Minnesota ruled the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may release information regarding livestock farms subject to concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) regulations.

Meat of the Matter: The sickest meat of all

It’s one thing to discuss potential food-safety issues inherent in preparing raw foods. But according to the profession’s least credible authority, with meat there’s just no upside. Ever.

Most people consuming the “balanced diet” recommended by generations of nutritionists tend to inquire about their dietary choices along the lines of, “So, what are the healthiest food I should be eating?”

Not the haters, though. For anti-industry activists and veggie believers, the question sounds more like, “Which meat product’s the worst?”

Meat of the Matter: Meat-free? No, free meat!

Who doesn’t like scoring a tasty, meaty restaurant entrée without paying? But you don’t have to dine and dash, you just have to chow down on one restaurant’s new vegan menu selection.

Here’s the bad news: If you didn’t visit your friendly neighborhood Chipotle restaurant on Monday, it’s too late.

For free meat, that is.

As a special promotion for its new Sofritas, customers who tried the new menu item on Jan. 26 can redeem their receipt for a free entree on a return visit through Feb. 28.

Meat of the Matter: A scandal in Nebraska

A scathing media investigation uncovers a lengthy list of outrageous incidents of animal abuse — and not at some rogue packing plant, but at USDA’s premier animal research facility.

USDA officials are calling for an independent review of the department’s operations at the Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Neb., the federal complex where livestock have reportedly been subjected to “cruel and experimental breeding techniques,” according to a New York Times investigative report published last week.

Farmers need to watch markets carefully in 2015

Prices for all commodities are lower than they have been the last few years, and that will put some economic stress on many farmers.

Hope fades for the end of California’s drought

After a wet November and December, many remained optimistic that it would be a sign that California’s drought would be lessened significantly. Though California’s rains may have eased drought anxiety, it has fallen far short of ending the drought.

Currently 78 percent of the state is in extreme or worse drought, unchanged from last week’s report.

Northern Plains slip back into “abnormal dryness”

A relatively dry January has pushed the Northern Plains back into the earliest stages of drought development. According to the latest Drought Monitor report, “abnormal dryness” is now reported in portions of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

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